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Mashups and piracy in the service of education

I’ve read and listened and viewed, and I still have no idea what my view is on mashups. The copyright idea means paying people for their publicly-distributed intellectual property. In the U.S., this is as basic as the idea of … Continue reading

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Meta-lessons in Jenkins’ “transparency problem”

Still reading on the issue of “skills for the 21st century”, this time Henry Jenkins et al’s Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture: Media Education for the 21st Century. Jenkins and his colleagues set out very clearly the skills and … Continue reading

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The (Other) Objective(s) of Education

The article we could read this week criticises our education system, saying it focuses on teaching instead of learning. I have to assume it is an excerpt from the book written by Dr. Ackoff and Mr. Greenberg (their book is … Continue reading

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Presentation, practice, and pedagogy

(Yeah, well, you title it, then.) Our presentations yesterday in class featured my brave and wonderful fellow students Jamie Forrest and Angela Byrnes talking about professional development, and mentors Tania Sterling and Lyn Hilt talking about social media for teaching … Continue reading

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The PLN thing has gotten out of hand

As I understand it, the idea of a Personal Learning Network is actually pretty simple: you find the tools you want to use to keep up on the things you’re interested in, and think about them in an integrated way. … Continue reading

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Am I a sherpa?

Am I a sherpa? I have been looking at Dr Couros’ “sherpa model” (developed here and revisited here) as a metaphor. The larger issue, of course, is the role of the teacher in this “new world” of web technologies and … Continue reading

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Open Culture: Burke, Paine and Jaron Lanier

How things are envisioned is not always how they play out. We are in the middle of this internet revolution, trying to figure out how it’s going to go. I am reminded of the French Revolution (occupational hazard, I’m afraid). … Continue reading

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Just the title of Dean Shareski’s presentation, Sharing: The Moral Imperative, was enough to change my point of view. I never thought of sharing as an obligation — I do it “just in case” someone might want to use something. … Continue reading

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Excerpting Mr Robinson

I felt very lucky today to have been raised in a non-mashup culture as I listened to Sir Ken Robinson‘s excellent presentation on Changing Education Paradigms (no links yet — wait for it…). I first watched the RSA Animation of … Continue reading

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Digital Literacy: Apocalypse and Utopia

First (you knew I’d say it) I don’t believe in Digital Literacy, or the term “literacies”. I’m an OED girl, and it’s pretty clear that the word derived from competency with letters. In fact, the terms “illiterate” was used in … Continue reading

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