What I packed

You can see here what I packed (except for my unmentionables which are in the Vuitton). Also folded so you can’t see it is this, my menu from Balthazar in Soho. I know it says they don’t deliver, but they do to me. Just in case. [...]

My cabin at Camp McGuffin

My idea of camping is a hotel without room service. Camps have dirt, and insects, and wild animals who make strange noises at night. Here is my cabin: Come on over if you want a shower and something real to eat. But wipe your feet first. [...]

Animated GIF: Final Countdown

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one, so I followed my own instructions from December 2010 to make this one. It’s my favorite scene from The Final Countdown (1980), where the aircraft carrier is about to get sucked into the time vortex and goes ba… [...]

Juxtaposition: video and art images

Just an idea for an assignment that came to me while watching Fosse (2002). The number Big Spender from Sweet Charity reminded me of Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (1907) in their predatory sexuality.

So the assignment is to take a still art image and juxtapose it with a movie clip or animated GIF.