Alternative movie history: guest post

A friend of mine created this and gave me permission to post it anonymously. That’s what happens when you get to talking to people about this class.


Animated Movie Poster: Vertigo

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] Bernard Hermann: Vertigo Theme

Inspired by Alan Levine’s Bridge on the River Kwai and the original DS106 assignment, I started playing with something that I felt should be in motion anyway. And I had to add Bernard Herrman’s score even though it wasn’t in the assignment because [...]

I Am Yamacus

OK, now it’s just getting silly.


Michael Branson Smith’s suggestion of a yam meme begins to take shape in this idea, that we could put a yam into a movie still and still have it…well, fit.

I created it with Gimp, taking a still from Alfred Hitchcock’s 1944 file Lifeboat and putting the cast in a yam instead of a lifeboat. [...]