My collection for Jim Groom's (and then Alan Levine's) ds106: Digital Storytelling class at the University of Mary Washington, starting January 2011.

I am a community college history instructor and director of the all-volunteer faculty Program for Online Teaching at MiraCosta College in Oceanside, California.

And proud Camper of the Week for Week 3 of ds106 camp in Spring 2012!




TDC: Fairy Tale Debt Consolidation

Continuing to catch up, this one was inspired by @jeffmason’s wonderful ad for medieval indulgences. Music by justkidink at

Fairy Tale Debt Consolidation by LisaMLane

What else would be on Channel ds106?

TDC: oh, yeah, it IS a human artifact

Bad camper, no donut. I’m behind on a mere Seven Day Challenge.

So I’m at Balboa Park in San Diego, on the Daily Create day in question, and I suddenly frantically look around for a natural scene without a human artifact.


I was at the park going to see Richard III at the Old Globe and wanted to go get my tickets. So it didn’t occur to me till later that even though I blocked evidence of human interference in the shot, a eucalyptus tree is automatically a human artificact. Humans brought eucalyptus to this part of the country – they aren’t native.


TDC: Cheating tornado (2)

Turned out I did yesterday’s Daily Create. Bother. I cheated with Dorothy’s house, and drew the tornado. (I cannot draw. That is why I do mashups in the first place!)