A different insanity: ds106

Never having done anything online that is both creative and visual, I’m going to try to participate sideways in Jim Groom’s ds106: Digital Storytelling online class. It is a MOOC, so open to all. The assignments seem mostly to be visual creations and really, I’m very bad at that, both in a conceptual and technological sense. But I’m taking the plunge and posted this blog at the class site.

Here’s my first attempt at an animated gif. Click on it if it doesn’t move here.




Method: I followed Jabiz’s steps with slight variations:

  1. I had a clip from Laugh-In.
  2. I shortened it down to about 4 seconds in Quicktime Pro.
  3. I uploaded it to this site called Gifninja to try it out but it was small and I rejected that.
  4. I downloaded Squared 5 so I could export as an image sequence (I could probably have done this in Quicktime Pro, tho).
  5. I opened each image in my old copy of Fireworks, deleted every other image, and used these instructions to  make the gif.



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