Comment feed bundle to get around the GFWC

We’ve had a problem in the POT Cert Class at Pedagogy First! One of our mentors,  Brandon Davis-Shannon, made a Google bundle for all the feeds coming in from everyone’s blogs, which is great. Plus he posted for everyone on how to use them.

It turns out that edublogs is blocked in China, so our participants there can only read the posts either through Pedagogy First! which is aggregated, or Brandon’s bundle. But they can’t read the comments (or post any) so they’re missing the conversation.

This morning I took Brandon’s idea and began making a bundle for comments, by going to everyone’s blog to grab the comments feed. This proved slow to do individually, and difficult because some don’t have an RSS feed for posts, much less for comments. So I began doing this (change to 480p if you actually want to see it):


The bundle is here. But there were a couple of problems (listed to both warn people and ask for help!):

  • Posterous — I couldn’t find a comment feed for Posterous blogs (thus two blogs are missing from the list)
  • Tags and categories — while it’s not too bad to find the comments feed for all WordPress and Blogger blogs, and not too hard to find feeds for tags or categories, I could not figure out how to do both — get a feed for comments that are responses to posts only in a specific tag or category

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  • I’d been thinking about feeds for comment too, noticing too the inconsistency in comment tracking (feed for all comments, email for comments on same post) and wondering if it might be possible to work out a way to code the feed… possibly but not by me. I’ve also tried adding a feed for a single post to the reader, hoping (logically I think) that would get me comments.

  • Did you see Dave Cormier’s post on catching up in Change11?

    How to find stuff: This may seem like very simple advice, but simply putting an author’s name into google followed by ‘change11? is enough to find pretty much anything you need if you’re looking to catch up on the last five weeks.

    Works for finding comments too.

  • Hi Lisa, I checked the category specific RSS plugin – you might be able to add a list of separate comments feeds in there to display – I’ve only recently started to use this plugin on 3ksan

    I’m not sure about categories – there was a suggestion on one forum post:

    Apologies I don’t know for blogger,


    • That plugin looks really interesting — thanks for letting me know! But it’s not category specific, I don’t think — need to think about how that might be made to work…

  • Hi Lisa, will also look at creating an RSS feed manually over the weekend if not before – its an interesting one to explore generally.

  • Hi Lisa, still trying to get head around what needs to be pulled from where and if its possible (it doesn’t look like RSS subscription from Posterous is easy if at all) I’ve checked back with Disqus – which might not be a solution in time for you this time, but possibly in the future as it can pull from WP and Blogger (It doesn’t look like Intense Debate or Disqus are able to talk nicely with Posterous yet):


  • […] Lisa Lane is currently describing how the PotCert11 students have aggregated their posts and comments feeds into a Google Reader bundle. At some point in next few months, hope to investigate grsshopper, but in the meantime wondering what other options might be available for finding/searching posts and comments feeds by categories and tags. […]