Steampunk Gift

It’s news to me, but there is a cool cultural thing out there called steampunk, wherein a Victorian sensibility is combined with postmodern technology to create something unique. At least, that’s what it means in terms of design rather than science fiction.

Normally I don’t post at all about my personal life, but my husband got me something very special for our anniversary — a thumb drive:

The handles turn and the guage face lights up when it’s plugged in! It holds 8 GB and is referred to as a Portable Information Cabinet which “extends the powers of analytical engines by maintaining a library of algorithmic and documentary files which may be accessed in an instant”. Even the instructions to not get it wet nor drop it from a great height are written this way.

Ordered from England, it was made by Shipton Bellinger’s Steampunk Engineering. It’s absolutely enchanting. I cannot imagine a more perfect anniversary gift.

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