Game of Bags

The saga is over. While it many not be as exciting as the last season of Game of Thrones, to me it’s epic.

Our story began as Lisahild set out on her journey, from the dry, far shore of the New Land to the green valleys of the Old Land. The crossing was peaceful, and yet upon arrival the ship’s knaves damaged her chest of belongings by casting a spell which made one of its wheels disappear. Although she dragged the chest to three different mavens, they offered only their own chests, which were of inferior quality. So she searched and searched and found an enchanted cart to wheel the chest, but the chest did not fit well, and had to be attached by a special set of cords. She then began her journey to the north, hoping to find help among the northern gods.

The enchanted cart was southern, and created obstacles on the voyage north. On the northern carriage, among discontented natives, the cart tried to detach from the chest and return to its native southern climes. Upon arrival in Durhamvale, Lisahild stowed the chest and enchanted cart, and went alone into the town. For the first two days the magical spell of Durhamvale beguilded her and she forgot her quest as she roamed happily among the old towers. But on the third day, the Marketplace appeared, and she was enticed inside.

The Marketplace was captivating. So many remarkable objects, all together, the sort of thing you’d have to travel miles in the south to find individually. A large bag, with blue flowers, appeared in her path. It had a label with numbers, and she wrote the symbols down, then looked for a measure. She had a choice of three, and took one back to the place where her chest was stowed. She measured the chest, then compared to the symbols she’d copied from the blue flower bag, and knew that the one would fit inside the other. Returning to the Marketplace, she was delighted to find another label on the bag that said £40. And there was only the one bag to be had. The gods had smiled!

Exchanging her gold coins for the blue flower bag, she took it back to the dwelling and put her chest inside it. It fit exactly. But then, what to do with the enchanted cart? It was quite heavy, and given its wayward manner could not just be left behind when she journeyed on. But that very morning she had noticed a mystical book shop, full of old books that others had discarded. She wondered whether they might make use of the magic wheels? The proprietor said yes, and was most pleased to have the cart to help with all the heavy books.

Thus endeth the saga of the chest and the bag, as Lisahild journeys forth with both.

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