Google/Diigo workaround to highlight pdfs

Yes, I know you can download free apps that will allow this, but I’m using Google to search for things and Diigo to highlight things, and it’s always frustrated me that Diigo still won’t let you mark up pdfs.

I searched for NMC Horizon Report 2011. The resulting Google search URL was:

I looked for one that was pdf, but with the Quick View option. The URL for that was:

I then removed the search terms from the URL (+nmc+horizon+report+2011) so I had a clean copy without Google’s highlighting the search terms.

Then I saved it in Diigo and can now highlight it, make notes, etc., just like on a web page (because it is one now). If I open it to everyone, others can highlight and comment too. Under Diigo’s Share/Email window, I even get the URL that has the annotations included (

Am I doing this the hard way?

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