The 2.0 Fear Factor

Having just finished editing my opinion piece on how CMSs limit pedagogy, I happen to find Fear 2.0, currently being discussed at EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Conference in San Antonio, in a session entitled “Who’s Afraid of Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and the Big Bad CMS? A Digi-Drama About Fear 2.0” All the media is posted here.

Several videos were part of this project:

Although I’ve been promoting playing on the web, it never occurred to me that fear was related to anything other than security issues (school admins blocking websites, etc.). Although I do not yet live a full 2.0 life like some of these amazing innovators, I can see how fear of a number of things can be factors in stagnation: fear of change, democracy, looking stupid, losing control, freedom. And although I often think it’s the technology that’s not moving fast enough for me, perhaps people are moving slowly too.

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