You know you’re working in Canvas when…

You start changing the names of assignmentcanvaspss to things like “L1” so you can squeeze the column smaller in the gradebook.

You keep looking for the arrow button on the toolbar because there’s so little available.

You just lost 95% of the custom class syllabus page because you tried to comment out everything after the first week.

You check the boxes on the Import Content page in slow motion because last time you wiped out the whole course.

You search all over the site for the section that lets you allow students to upload files, then find it as an inconspicuous link at the very bottom of the main Settings page.

You look for published images to steal instead of uploading your own because putting in a URL is so much easier than trying to upload, find and embed an image file.canvaslinks

Your idea of hell becomes a place where you’re faced with a list of dark green hyperlinks.

You stop allowing revisions of anything in a forum because SpeedGrader makes finding them impossible.

You give up on the idea of trying to link to a specific post in a forum because it’s too complicated.

You get an eye doctor appointment to deal with not being able to see the blue “unread” dots in the forums.

You spend time on support with your ISP trying to figure out how to create secure web pages so they can be embedded, only to find that the javascript you have on that page won’t work when embedded anyway.

You give up trying to embed SSL web pages and let everything link out.

You get a bad sprain from overusing the scroll wheel.

You start creating things inside the system even though you know better.

You think of the tasks of your life in terms of “Previous” and “Next”.


6 comments to You know you’re working in Canvas when…

  • …and yet I still prefer it over Blackboard…

  • Hello Lisa, I will make the coment here because I see that you have a hard time embedding stuff into Canvas LMS, Canvas is a nice and clean LMS, much better than many others I think. Anyways, Canvas only allows to embed H5P objects inside pages, assignments and even quizzes only if your WordPress instalation has HTTPS or SSL like you said.
    H5P is a wonderful open source authoring tool. We are using it for a project for the Guatemalan Ministry of Education.

    The guys at have this tutorial on embedding to Canvas:
    If you can not have a security certificate installed on your server then you can create an H5P account and link from there.
    Hope it helps.

    If you want to see it in our Canvas you can follow this link: and look for MATH assigments.

    • Greetings, and thank you, Aroldo! I have also been playing in H5P, and hoping for its easier integration into Canvas. Having to change global javascript may well be beyond those of us who don’t control the school’s installation. I can get content to appear anyway, but it doesn’t connect to the Gradebook, making it of limited use. Plus browsers can block the content as unsafe. So right now, H5P seems to be of limited use except for presentation.

  • Excellent! Yes, I forgot to mention that. We got in touch with Falcon, one of the lead developers at H5P and yes, they have no plans yet to integrate with Canvas, they said that it would require about 10 thousand USD to develop some code and integrate it with gradebook. We´ll see what happens, in the meantime we plan to use it as a presentation tool. Not much fun.
    Greetings from Guatemala. Have a good night.

    • I hope they keep going and raise the money – I have been hoping for a more “modular” LMS option for some time, and H5P seems well designed. And very nice to meet you!