Damn contextual menus

Whoever invented contextual menus, I would like to confound him, thusly.

When he gets home from work, he parks his car in the driveway.

He cannot open the door until the engine is off.

He cannot see his briefcase until the door is open and one foot is flat on the driveway, then he may take it out of the car.

There is no key in his pocket until he’s right next to the door.

CC Flickr Mrs. Gemstone

CC Flickr Mrs. Gemstone

When he enters, he cannot see his dog until his body is fully in the foyer.

If he turns around to get the mail because he forgot to do that on the way in, his dog disappears.

When he turns back to the door, it is no longer there. Neither is his car behind him.

He must go back to where the car was so it appears, reopen the car door, sit in the seat, open the car door, put his foot down, and walk toward the front door to get into the house again. The dog will then come greet him.

Now it’s time for dinner….

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