Delicious or Diigo: Efficiency or Networking?


I am experimenting with using both Diigo and Delicious, trying to see which suits me best. I began with Delicious but everyone kept telling me Diigo is better because you can annotate. Both have some social network functions, but Diigo is supposedly more friendly to them.

I have been trying to save the bookmarks into Diigo, and have set Diigo so it posts automatically to Delicious too. This feature works very well.

So far, though, Delicious has better usability.

  • In Diigo, if I open the Bookmark function on Diigolet, I can click back on the page to select something to paste in the description — I have to do that first.
  • In Diigo, it makes it hard to select things on the web page; it assumes I want to highlight instead of, say, copy, some text.
  • Diigo doesn’t seem to group tags. I’m a tag-challenged tag amnesiac. I need to group them.
  • Diigo’s search isn’t intuitive. I tried “group tags” and what it brought up was useless.
  • In Diigo, help is at the bottom, and much of it is video and screencasts, not text. It’s help page search finds jpgs first, for some reason. I cannot find info on folders — tools has different things than I expect.

Except for one thing: the Diigolet in my toolbar makes me sign in, like Delicious, but when I do it automatically brings up my saved username and password — Delicious makes me type in my username first.

And the Diigo feature of in-line highlighting and annotations can be a big deal, especially for pages I save in the tag category I call “articles” — full pieces I’m saving for research.

What I may do is use Diigo for articles, and Delicious for everything else.

The problem is that Diigo’s social aspects means people are “following” my bookmarks, and I belong to a couple of groups there, like CCK09. That has made me think about the social networking aspect a little more.

I find a group that’s trapped within a site to be inefficient — I don’t want another site to check, nor more emails. The approach of tagging everything with an assigned tag (“CCK09”, or “ec&itools” or “ec&ireadings” for Alec Couros’ class) seems more efficient. Items tagged by anyone can then be found in several ways, including the new visual tag aggregator Spezify.

But that leaves the big community question: where is it best for people sharing bookmarks to “meet”?

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  • Social Bookmarking is one of those activities that I know I should be more into than I really am. I have both Delicious and Diigo accounts and don’t really benefit much from either of them – or put another way I don’t actively use either of them.

    I have Diigo syncing bookmarks to Delicious too, and use Diigo as my primary tool – but really, once I share or bookmark I rarely come back to them, and don’t think I’ve ever searched for bookmarks on either site. If I’m in need of a recommendation I’ll tend to go directly to Twitter for that. I also tend to take recommendations more seriously if they come through Twitter as well – even the ones people post during the Diigo bookmarking process.

    That said I use the web largely in an individual capacity most of the time – not as part of a course. The UNSW TELT group on Diigo is perhaps the main exception, and I pay fairly close attention to the bookmarks that come through my daily subscription.

    Aside from that I don’t have that much of a preference – I think Diigo comes out marginally ahead, but not by much.

  • I have not played with Diigo but I do have an account. I didn’t find any group I wanted to join and I don’t want to create or join another group.

    I just want to:
    – save my bookmarks
    – share my bookmarks

    I do research my bookmarks to write posts

    When I follow a tag, like Recent cck09 Bookmarks on Delicious, that is my CCK09 Delicious group

    In Delicious you do not join a group with other users. You create your own “Network Bundle” groups with people you are following. Perhaps you are not aware of this new feature.

    Today I am using Delicious Tag Search feeds, such as Recent online_teaching Bookmarks on Delicious In this way I can find better bookmarks from all Delicious users and not only from my network.

    But I still want to share bookmarks with my friends. I “send” (for:user) bookmarks to some of them and I appreciate very much when they “send” a bookmark to me. Why do I Appreciate so Much a Delicious Bookmark Sent to Me?

  • I use the Diigo toolbar in Firefox, and work in Diigo with my students. Like you, I sync to Delicious, but I hardly ever look at my Delicious account/bookmarks etc. I find Diigo essential now, use it many times a day. There are occasional glitches or inelegances, but on the whole I’d say it is up there with Twitter as my core social networking and web filtering tool.

  • @Mike Bogle I guess if there was a group I need that insisted on meeting in a place, I’d go there. As for the bookmarks and going back, I do use these as my portable bookmarking system, so I can find things later, especially research articles.

    @Eduardo As you know because you’re my friend in Delicious, I rarely use the social aspect of social bookmarking! Not friendly, I know…

    @Ed Web Are there any non-sharing elements in Diigo that make you prefer it?

    Just this morning I realized that my right-click on a pdf article I wanted to keep brought up a contextual menu allowing me to save the pdf directly to Delicious, as a pdf! No such thing in Diigo…

  • Ed Webb

    If you suggest that feature to Diigo, they might add it. They are very responsive to the user base.

    Annotation is the great beauty of Diigo to me. Social is good. Tricks like webslides are fun but inessential. But highlighting and commenting are golden.

  • I’m using both, for divergent reasons. Delicious is my general memory and bookmark tool. Diigo is for a couple of fine groups (bowing to Ed).

  • OTOH with folks like Bryan and Ed in Diigo, it’s worth a closer look.

    Some of this is kind of like a cafe. You don’t to try a new place too soon, until you know the food is good and it’s worth the prices (in this case, time is the main price for everything on the web). But if the right folks are hanging out, and the food is good…

  • dezza

    The diigo website is not at all as intuitive as delicious. The extension uses up alot of space in your browser, and the highlight function doesn’t work very well, alot of the functions are broken.

    I say delicious won big-time, they just have to bootstrap themselves in their release schedules, they prioritize the wrong things first ..

    • @dezza I understand what you mean about Delicious prioritizing the wrong things first. I even complained when New send feature broke for: tags; didn’t remember send information

      @all But I have many good friends in Diigo. Yesterday I created a tag feed where I add bookmarks targeted to a friend. She reads them in her feedreader. She liked the idea. I requested her a DIIGO tag feed (she said list) targeted to me.

      In this ways we both can keep with each others useful bookmarks and continue using our favorite social bookmarking tool

  • @Ed Diigo has been asked repeatedly to create support for annotating PDFs — I saw post back to 2007, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen ( . This may be a deal-killer for me, since I want to use it to stash things I want to annotate, and most of those are PDFs.