Whatcha using?

For the first time, I was called (by one of my favorite Twitter buds Eduardo Peirano) an edupunk. In keeping with that, here’s a list of free web technologies and accounts I’ve cobbled together into my own peculiar learning and organizational environment:

  • ZohoWriter for making notes and to-do lists for myself that I can access from anywhere, Show for quick slideshows on the fly

  • Tumblr – for storing quick things I find just for myself, without organizational format
  • Flickr – for creating the occasional annotated image for teaching, storing other people’s images I may want to use later
  • Del.icio.us – for storing bookmarks easily with the Firefox plug-in; it also helps me learn how to tag effectively for later retrieval
  • WordPress – for this blog, and now the professional development blog too – it’s so wonderfully stable (till you upgrade, of course)
  • Gmail – to combine my various email accounts, and I’m enjoying the chat feature (though I really wish I could download my mail and save it — I’m using Thunderbird too, just to archive!)
  • Moodle – my course management system of choice (obviously!)
  • Feedraider – for reading my RSS feeds from other people’s blogs etc, though I’m hating how difficult it is to move things around and I’m shopping for something better
  • Nucleus – for my history blog
  • Twitter – for my daily contact with wonderful IT folks

    And which have proven disappointing:

    • Facebook – yeah, I know I said it before, but honestly I’m not seeing its use, and I do resent that you can never, ever leave (only deactivate temporarily)
    • FriendFeed – without access to Feedraider and the other programs I used, aggregating what was left wasn’t worth it

2 comments to Whatcha using?

2 comments to Whatcha using?