Mashing it up

I am trying to get my head around the idea of a “mashup”, a cobbling together of two technologies, or uses of technology, or even media tracks, to create something new. It seems to belong in the same brain space as “sampling”.

A recent PC World article called Google Maps’ new “My Maps” feature a mashup, and it seemed to assume that readers knew what one was. Wikipedia, of course, has some good definitions, and indicates up front that its origin is in the seeming destruction of content.

But in one of the most interesting examples of a media mashup, a point is made that the process begins with deconstruction of content, then putting it together in a way that forms a new idea. The MediaCommons Project’s In Media Res has a mashup called “The Last Lion King of Scotland“, a video that uses footage from “The Lion King” and soundtrack clips from “The Last King of Scotland” (yes, it does sound odd, and it is!).

Even more interesting is the discussion, a commenting feature embedded in the page, enabling viewers to discuss the piece, and possible student-created projects using the same techniques. I’d love comments on these ideas!

1 comment to Mashing it up

1 comment to Mashing it up