Should you teach online?

Just as some of our students may or may not be suited to online learning, you may or may not be suited to online teaching. Take this quick quiz to get an idea of whether online teaching is right for you!

1. How much time do you spend online, just doing non-work stuff (shopping, surfing, emailing friends)?
a) none
b) an hour a day or more
c) about an hour a week
d) a couple of hours a week

2. When your computer won't do what you want, you:
a) turn it off and walk away
b) call tech support
c) try to figure out what's wrong
d) buy a new computer

3. The home page you set in your browser is:
a) the college homepage
b) what's a browser?
c) you don't know how to set the home page in your browser
d) whatever the first page is you want to see when you open it

4. When it comes to pedagogy, you:
a) think you can't do what you do in class in an online environment
b) know what you do well and want to make it work online
c) plan to follow the default system set up in Blackboard
d) don't see any difference between on-site and online

5. Personally, you are:
a) always willing to try something new
b) comfortable when a technique has been proven to work
c) a perfectionist who wants everything to work right the first time
d) continually changing your mind

6. You want to teach online because:
a) you think it's the wave of the future
b) you're afraid you'll be fired if you don't
c) you enjoy being online and see it as a tool for teaching
d) you want to work fewer hours

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