Moodle 1.8 install


I checked to be sure Requirements met:

PHP 4.4.4 (needs 4.3.0)

MySQL 4.1.21-standard (needs 4.1.16)

Put in request to Lunarpages to check how many concurrent users so I can calculate load (1 GB per 50 concurrent users)

Reply: "The maximum number of connections is 50 per mySQL user and 1500 per server. The acceptable usage range for Basic and Business plans is 1.0% average %CPU

or less, 1.0% average %Memory or less and Top Processes below 20%.   If the

usage range is exceeded, your account would be moved to a non-production

server until the issue is rectified." 

-- requested clarification on 50 -- per database user (i.e. lisahi2_llane)

Created new MySQL database in C-Panel: moodle18

created users and pw: lisahi2, usual

added user to database: lisahi2_llane, 

Downloaded latest 1.8 to desktop as zipped file

File Manager in C-Panel

created new folder outside public_html: created directory mdata

changed permissions to 777

in public_htlm uploaded zipped 1.8, extracted

moodle folder there

Went to to begin setup

warned PHP memory limit too low (8 mb) needs to be 40 mb

supposed to change in php.ini file or create .htaccess file in moodle folder

had to download moodle folder, upload .htaccess file

Lunarpages says don't do this, instead create php.ini file

Changed database name to moodle18 and data directory name to mdata

Put lisahi2_llane and pw in database area

could not connect, said check database settings

needed lisahi2_moodle18 as name

llane as username

ran health check:

said cron not set up

C-Panel -- cron jobs -- nice -20 php /home/lisahi2/public_html/moodle/admin/cron.php

set for every 30 minutes

same message, so ran cron manually

said no problems found

Restored my old 1.6 instead by changing names of files in both local and remote

created php.ini file as instructed: (had to use Really Simple Text and start with a real php.ini file from

I created a php.ini file that just says:


memory_limit 40M

I created a .htaccess file that just says:

suPHP_ConfigPath /home/lisahi2/public_html/

put both .htaccess and php.ini into both Moodle and Moodledata.

Lunarpages writes

max_execution_time = 300     ; Maximum execution time of each script, in


max_input_time = 600 ; Maximum amount of time each script may spend parsing

request data

memory_limit = 60M      ; Maximum amount of memory a script may consume (8MB)

I wrote the file:


max_execution_time = 300

max_input_time = 600

memory_limit = 60M

I tried and saw no changes, and wrote again. They replied:

"I checked and noticed in the directory, /public_html/moodle/ , there is a

htaccess file with "suPHP_ConfigPath /home/lisahi2/public_html/" inside of

it, I then checked public_html and noticed there was no php.ini file there. I

checked in /public_html/moodle/ and noticed there was a php.ini file there.

You would need to change the suPHP_ConfigPath to

/home/lisahi2/public_html/moodle/ for the php.ini file to work correctly."

This worked and I saw the two changes (though not memory_limit) at the php page.

Still won't back up the big class with users.


Went back to 1.6 to clean up some things and do a final save of everything without users. This just mean changing the file names to moodle and moodledata back from moodle16s07 for regular and moodledata file, and back again when done.