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hubble, bubble, toil and trouble….

I have been toying for a while with the idea of setting up my own online ‘home’.  I maintain quite a few blogs already but have never had one hosted – this year being determined to follow some of Lisa Lane’s excellent advice, I thought I would bite the bullet!  I have bought my own domain (well two actually!) through Hover and hosted it here through HippieHosting.  I still haven’t quite got my domains sorted.  My .net (which of course is the one I really want to use) is still lost in cyberspace  - pointing merrily at Hover rather than Hippie – heigh-ho, I am sure it will work itself out!  While I know in theory how DNS works, I never seem to get it right first time! Installing wordpress was a breeze once I had changed a couple of settings but I still find it annoying that to get here users need to navigate to  clareatkins.com/wordpress rather than just clareatkins.com – (I know there is a fix but it’s too early for that right now!).

Having finally built the foundations I am hoping to turn this site into an online portfolio – hence lots of empty pages! I like to have a structure to work within, even though it changes every time I have a new ‘good’ idea! Initially though I want to focus on the POT course – last year was such a success and I learnt an amazing amount.

SO – I have gathered the basic ingredients with growing excitement, sprinkled them into the cauldron, stirred a little, incanted a number of resolutions, set the fire with sweet smelling woods, struck a spark to the kindling, enjoyed the first bubblings that promise a nourishing brew – and now just resting a few moments from all that labour and waiting for the POT to start boiling….

How about you? Are you excited too……?