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POT cert presentation – Week 1

I would like to say hello to my peers in the Program for Online Teaching Certificate. The first SMOOC I am taking. I am sure this will be a nice and exciting experience. I will just introduce you a part of me and my life.

I am Xavier and I am blogging from Barcelona, a very beautiful city situated in the north-east of Spain. I am living with my wife and my two little daughters about 20 kms. from the center, just in the mountain. They are 6 and 4-year-old, and it is really a very nice experience see how they learn about the world around them. Normally I speak catalan daily with my family and university colleges but also I speak spanish.

Clean air Barcelona Neta ;-)
Clear air Barcelona Neta

Clean air Barcelona Neta ;-)
 (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

I started blogging almost one year ago and this course will permit me by blogging in english and also blogging about education. Normally I will post in English (I will do my best) for the course, but you could find also some other posts in Spanish. Please fell free to take a walk in my blog and to comment.

I am a graduate in philosophy but my work nowadays has nothing to be with it or with education. This is why I am preparing myself with this and other courses. This academic year, as I explained in my previous post, I will take a MA in the Teachers School of the Universitat de Barcelona to be a Philosophy Teacher in the secondary School.

Normally I like very much reading philosophy, specially ancient greek philosophy ( I like very much Plato, Socrates and Aristotle), and contemporary continental tradition, hermeneutic-phenomenologic (Husserl, Heidegger and Gadamer), but this is only with paper books. I do not use the web to read about philosophy, to be honest I don´t know exactly why, I will explore it. Now I am reading a lot about education, learning, e-learning and MOOC’s, specially on the web. I am excited to received and start reading the course book, although I think I will receive it with some delay because I booked it last week.

I like very much internet and social media and technologies and also I am enthusiastic with philosophy online teaching and also a discipline called digital humanities. This is why I decide to do this course. I saw that some of you had participate in the Social media and open education course and other courses, so most of you have a lot of experience in education and also in education online courses. I am sure I will follow you and, at the end, I hope I could collaborate with some online courses. The way I read on the internet is by following hashtag that are of my interest. I am using Diigo to bookmark and save by tags all the pages of my interest. Actually I read about higher education, here some of the articles, about digital humanities (DH), here some articles and some information about DH MA. I am interested in the DH Pedagogy. To end this short resume about my reading interest, I like very much to read articles about MOOC’s, just to try to understand what is happening with this new education alternative, because I think that the MOOC’s has a lot of interest to develop to the learners during a long period after the university, here you can find some articles about what a MOOC is.

I hope we can participate all together in the blogs with comments but also in twitter with the tag #potcert and in the Facebook group.

See you online.

Next academic course / Próximo curso académico

This new entry is to present the beginning of next course I will make from September. As I mentioned in the previous post the goal is to support the Master in Pedagogy I’ll make the next academic year with online courses. I commented the other two that I will follow,  E-learning and Digital Cultures and  Openness in education. This will be a program to teach online, POT (Program for Online Teaching). The program will run over 24 weeks, 12 weeks from September to November, and 12 more from February to April.

I think the three courses, two MOOC, and this third OOC (Open Online Class), will complement very well and that will be a great opportunity to connect them each other, and these with the Master, and all with a common nexus, education in general and online education of the humanities, that is the reason of my interest, in particular.

Since the two previous courses will overlap with this and probably with other posts of the master, I will try to make a good tag management. The latter will be using the hashtag #potcert.

Finally comment that the courses require a job to perform, participate in forums, in the blog itself, in tweets and doing videos, within other things, and how the three are in USA, I will do all of this information in English (in my best English). So this will be the last post bilingual. Those who will follow will be in English, if they are any of the online courses, or Spanish for the rest of the posts.

Clarification: The MA name in which I am trying to get as first option is not pedagogy, is on the faculty of teachers for secondary teacher.


Esta nueva entrada es para presentar el inicio del próximo curso que voy a realizar a partir de Septiembre. Como comenté en el post anterior el objetivo es el de apoyar el Máster en Pedagogía que voy a realizar el próximo curso académico con cursos de educación online. Ya comenté los otros dos que voy a seguir, E-learning and Digital Cultures y Openness in education. Este nuevo es un programa para enseñar online, POT (Program for Online Teaching). El programa se desarrollará en 24 semanas, 12 semanas de Septiembre a Noviembre, y 12 más de Febrero a Abril.

Pienso que los 3 cursos, dos de ellos MOOC, y este tercero OOC (Open Online Class), se van a complementar muy bien y que van a ser una magnífica oportunidad para relacionar unos con otros, y estos con el Máster, y todo teniendo un nexo común, la educación en general, y la educación online de las humanidades, que es el motivo de mi interés, en particular.

Como quiera que los dos cursos anteriores se van a solapar con este y, probablemente, con otros posts del máster, intentaré hacer una buena gestión de etiquetas. Este último será con el hashtag #potcert.

Por último comentaros que los cursos requieren de un trabajo a realizar, participación en foros, en el propio bloc, en twitter y vídeos, entre otros, y como los 3 son en USA, toda esta información la haré en inglés (en mi mejor inglés). Así pues este será el último post bilingüe. Los que siguen serán en inglés si son de cualquiera de los cursos o en castellano para el resto.

Nota: El nombre del máster en el que estoy intentando entrar como primera opción no es de pedagogía, es en la facultad de profesorado para ser profesor de secundaria.