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Week 20: Introduction to Educational Technology and Instructional Design

I recently discovered Word Clouds from a fellow Counselor colleague. And thought I would share since it relates to instructional design and educational technology. To create the above Word Cloud, I used , ABCYA.   You can use Word Clouds for flyers, … Continue reading

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Week 21: Introduction to Online Education Theory

March 31-April 6

This week, I (Jim Sullivan) was struck by this quote from Helen Crump’s post: “Although, the POTCert course has given me great insight into the use of technology, I’m aware that my knowledge in this respect is still quite superficial.”

I think this is a healthy reminder that this course can only touch the rapidly swirling surface of online teaching and learning. Each of us must then decide where and how we will more fully develop our knowledge and skills. For me, developing as an online learner / teacher feels like a balancing act between keeping an eye on the ever-changing surface while also finding a few places to dive deeper and more fully explore the complexities and possibilities.

Like each of our previous week’s, the readings in this unit present some big ideas, but they do so from the premise that you will decide how far to walk down the new paths they introduce. Collectively, they suggest an interest in and restlessness about the big questions in our field that can fuel a career long commitment to exploration, experimentation, and targeted “research and development.”

As you work through this twenty-first week of tasks (can you believe that!!), I hope you will also think ahead about your final presentation and go ahead and sign up for a topic at our Google Doc.

Please also take the time to check out Jenny Mackness’ video introduction to the week.

View Video: Adventures in Online Pedagogy, (Jim Sullivan and Lisa M Lane, Spring 2010 POT workshop) or slides with audio slidecast Read Article: Larry Sanger, Individual Knowledge in the Internet Age (2010) Read Article: George Siemens, Networks, Ecologies, and Curatorial Teaching (2007) For further reading: Lisa Marie Blaschke, A review of heutagogical practice and self-determined learning(2012) Post: in any format you wish, any subject related to this week’s readings. Revise ideas for your presentation, and help others with their ideas.

Jenny Mackness’ intro video:

Plus all the links mentioned in her intro and a transcript of her video.

Week 20

What kind of learners are my students? How will I help them understand their own learning style? How will I balance my teaching style to include all types of learners in every class?   I created this quick animation using Picasion to remind myself to consider all learning styles when preparing lessons. (Thank you, Rachèle (and Stephanie), for introducing […]

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Repost part of Week 20 – Program for Online Teaching

Apparently my video post for Week 20 isn’t showing up on Pedagogy First so here it is again:

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POT – Week 20: Introduction to Educational Technology and Instructional Design

We are on week 20! Woohoo! I decided to post about something Jim Julius brought up: how students learn. I focus a lot of my instruction on a student’s individual learning style (I actually presented a workshop on it at … Continue reading

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Week 20 – POTCERT

History of Educational Technology: As I sat listening to the lecture in the background while doing 100 other things in the frontground; I couldn’t help but wonder why on earth Lisa and her crew were making me listen to this boring … Continue reading

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POT Cert Week 20: the “golden triangle” of pedagogy, ed tech and instructional design #potcert

Happy days: this week POTCert takes a look at educational technology and instructional design. I’m particularly interested in both of these fields because since starting on the Pedagogy First course, I’ve come to realise that both educational technology and instructional design are integral to the delivery of effective learning, and it seems that an online […]

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Week 17

I had difficulty embedding a video that was uploaded to S-O-M. I was able to embed when I used youtube. So I will try that now. Post 17 SOM via YouTube   youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9a4gw5IqXU

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Week 18

For Week 18, I decided to do a Prezi Presentation. Here’s a link: CMS/LMS

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Week 19 – POTCERT

 I’m catching up little by little….  Whole lotta interesting reading this week.   I started by reading chapter 13.   I would say that my current f2f classes are web enhanced.  I post lectures, links, videos, tutorials, syllabus, extra credit assignments and … Continue reading

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