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Week 15 – POTCERT

Can I just say something??  My BRAIN hurts from all that I have learned this week!!  I’m on BRAIN overload!!  So I started out by doing the reading which was wonderful.  I love the idea of having students use all … Continue reading

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Week 16: Our Students Online

February 24-March 2

Thanks to all who posted their experiments from this past weeks. From polls to prezi, I saw people stretching to connect to and evaluate some new resources. I was happy to see people offering frank appraisals of whether each tool would work for them along with some reasons why and why not.

To me, having the confidence to say “I am not going that way now” is a key to surviving the exciting but always swirling seas of online pedagogy. I would add only one caveat: what does not fit today may be just what you need tomorrow. So keep your mind open to new and old tools and ideas as your pedagogy evolves over the weeks, months, and years to come. A good example from my own online teaching experience is screen casting: something I once scorned that is now a staple of my teaching in both onsite and online classes.

As you explore the invaluable information about online students in this week’s readings, I hope you will resist the impulse to “other” students, to see them as alien beings engaged in behaviors that border on the insane to we wise educators.

When I am honest with myself, I admit that I do many of the same things I am so shocked to see my students doing (here I am right now, writing a blog post at 10:30 on a Saturday night–less than six hours before it goes live!). Recognizing that degrees of disorganization, confusion, incomplete preparation, procrastination and tech anxiety are traits many teachers as well as students suffer in varying degrees helps us more realistically and honestly assess our own approaches and organizational systems. And I believe that honesty can make the courses, activities, and learning tools we share much more effective.

I also hope you will remember we have an amazing opportunity to teach our students lifelong learning skills in online settings. Moreover, these skills may very well outlive the content we teach. If changing lives by opening new doors to thinking and learning is something you signed up for, then helping people develop as more effective online learners is potentially an enormously fulfilling opportunity for you (and a transformational experience for the people you are working with and for).

End of pep talk–on to all of the cool work for this week.

Read: Ko & Rossen, Chapter 10: Preparing Students for Online Learning
Points: terminology and navigation, helping with distance, student readiness, creating orientations, FAQs, anticipating problems. Read: Jakob Nielsen, College Students on the Web(2010) Read: Matt Richtel (NYTimes), Growing up Digital, Wired for Distraction (2010) Read: ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology (2010) (can just read Key Findings)
NEW! 2012 Updated Version [pdf] Post: create a short (5-10 item) FAQ for one of your courses as your blog post.

And here is Erika’s blog post:

Question on Embedding

Yesterday I received a question from someone about how to embed a YouTube video (and other things) into a MiraCosta College WordPress blog post. I responded to this individual and my instructions helped, so I thought I would also post the instructions here for all of you. To help illustrate what I did, I will […]

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Week 15 – Trying new toys

Google Form in Drive: Since the embedding did not work at all (and trust me, I tried) here is the link to the Google form I made. I have made other forms, but I liked this assignment since it forced me to do one I always wanted to do: A course evaluation for my students to […]

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Week 14/15

Hi All Week 14 and 15 are overlapping here. My post last week was brief.  So here we go with catch-up (or maybe I should say catch on). I experimented with PersonalBrain and MindMeister, and ended up creating my Mind Map in the latter. I have it here as a link and then embedded below. I embedded using […]

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My first time teaching online

was ages ago. Nearly a decade. Wow. But I recall my decision-making process fairly well….well, at least I think I. I’ve created a brief overview of the experience, which I’ve presented by way of slideshare, as follows: Presentation for potcert … Continue reading

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Week 15

This semester is my first f2f Dance History lecture course. I am encountering all the perimeters involved in finding materials and the avenues of transmitting that knowledge to the student. Beyond that, I am highly concerned with how to keep them interested and most important, are they getting it and at what level? Below is […]

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Hello world!

Welcome to MiraCosta College WordPress Sites. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Synchronous sessions next Monday and Wednesday!

Google Hangout (add Todd on G+ ) Monday the 25th 11:00-12:00 Pacific Time (12:00 to 1:00 pm Arizona) (Global Time Converter)

Collaborate Session (Link is here) Wednesday the 27th 9:00 am -10:00 am Pacific Time (10:00 am to 11:00 am Arizona) (Global Time Converter)

Anyone Wanna Hangout? Review the Week?

Well, the ol Captain of Synchronous Communications has been a bit out of the Program lately. But you know, it is a SNOW DAY here in the little village of Cornville, Arizona so I figured I better take this time to jump back in. So I am. I have used … Continue reading

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