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Time to get real

What a difference a week makes. I just discovered that I’m going to be teaching an online language class again sooner rather than later. POTCERT is suddenly no longer just about theory. Jim Sullivan encouraged us, “better to be late … Continue reading

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WEEK 4 – POTCERT Catching up

I have spent the entire day getting caught up with my POT work.  What a great adventure.  The information provided by the online samples is extremely helpful and exciting.  I now want to take half of the courses.  I will be using the information learned this week to update my present Blackboard site.  I was […]

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Week 5 – The Syllabus

I cannot wait to see what everyone posts in week 5 about the syllabus.  As I have mentioned before, I am not in the certificate class anymore, but it is great following along.  This week I wanted to share a video that I have seen a few times in a few different contexts.  There are […]

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Sequel to Week 4 Deqsign?

Well I been blessed by some very good advice and actually have a plan! Instead of “building a course” from scratch I will: Contact a number of teachers to get their advice on what they like or dislike about online teaching Start openly building the course at the school’s website based on an opening “Welcome […]

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WOW!!!  I finally had an opportunity to jump back into the POT work.  Life can get full and so off the roller coaster and onto my educational goals.  I finally upgraded my blog to include a link.  I have linked to Rushton’s Resourses.  I have listed the site as Powerful & Free Tools for Teachers […]

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Just enough and not too much

After having watched Lisa and Jim’s session on the interactive syllabus, I am convinced by their argument that having one is a good idea. I liked Laura’s comment about how making a syllabus interactive requires student’s to look at it more … Continue reading

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Week 5: The Online Syllabus

September 30-October 6

I confess (Jim Sullivan, again!): I am a syllabus nerd. I love to think about them, talk about them, and design them.

And while I focus mostly on the old fashioned paper kind, when I teach online, I simply integrate all of the pages of my syllabus (with all sorts of cool links and fun stuff embedded within them) as web resources linked to main calendar page that lists each week’s learning activities.(I would show you my old Moodle course from the last semester I was fully online, but my college seems to have erased/moved/or destroyed it!). But I can share a page on my blog that collects some of my syllabus related goodies: a powerpoint presentation I use at workshops I lead, some sample syllabi, and some useful (although not very recently checked!) links: jim’s syllabus page

It will not take you long to realize that in some key ways I am not on the same page as our distinguished text authors, but as I have said all along, this course is about creative response and dialogue: not regurgitation. And in that spirit, I very much look forward to reading your ideas about how to construct and use a syllabus in an online setting.

On to this week’s tasks. Please check out Norm’s helpful video introduction to the week as you review our mission.

Norm’s video:

Read: Ko and Rossen, Chapter 5: Creating an Effective Online Syllabus
Points: include lots of detail, due dates by time zone, define participation, be clear on task sequence, schedule by weeks in 2-3 day spreads of activity, supply information several times in different places, sample syllabus. View Elluminate Recording: Lisa M Lane and Jim Sullivan, The Interactive Syllabus (Fall 2010)
For slower connections, you can instead view thedesktop version of the full session (jar 233 MB), theslides only with audio (mp4 80mb), or the mp3 podcast of audio only (24 MB). Post: The reading includes a number of recommendations you might find questionable or interesting. Which would you be most and least likely to implement in your class? How does what you read contrast with the method presented in the workshop?

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Week 4/ DevelopingI have tried to create a plan from the template given with the Table 3.2 provided in the book. But I miss something before to do it: at this point I haven’t worked yet with objectives and assessments, and their alignment. I am no…

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[Week 5] Online Syllabus: Stereotypical or Innovative?

We all know that every course, no matter it’s in-class or online, should have a syllabus that accompanies, reflects, and guides the teaching and learning throughout the course. However, since online course has its own unique features, as course designer and instructor, we should take different consideration to design the most straightforward and easy to […]

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Week 4 cont’d – Ko & Rosen

Thoughts from Ko & Rosen reading . . . the authors provided some good questions to consider when designing a course. I appreciate their assertion that moving to online format opens the doors to new ways for doing things, and the reminder that some …

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