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Scarcely known, but genuinely missed…

This post will have little to do with tools for online teaching, but I will probably find a way to connect things back to that topic. During the week of flex at MiraCosta, I decided to attended a writing workshop to see what it would be about. I have formerly been a member of a […]

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Online Tools: Blackboard vs. Moodle… Oh My!!!

And, I mean: “OH MY!!!” Let me begin again by saying that I am a “Blackboardian”. I know it isn’t a word, but it should be. I am not a “Moodlite”, again not a real word. And, this distinction is not because I prefer one to the other. It is because I have used Blackboard […]

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Welcome to my brain

Last week, I taught at MiraCosta College for the first time. On Monday, I started a last-minute position at CSU San Marcos. Imagine my surprise and thrill when I got an email from CSU saying that they’d like me to teach a class. Both classes provide the students with an introduction to psychology. Both classes, […]

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