Sample themes from my students (to help with Writing Assignment III and the Final Essay)

The following are sample A and B themes for Writing Assignment III submitted by recent students.

The ostensible need to protect the country has often been used as the justification for curtailing individual rights during periods of unrest.

Economic ambition begets societal oppression.

The media has been used as a tool to alter the perception of events that occur worldwide towards its American audience.

Crises of a more universal nature, although especially traumatic, also create opportunities for advances in society.

Hubristic leaders frequently demonstrate the capacity for merciless treatment of weaker human beings.

The public health system is improved when society’s wellbeing is threatened.

The introduction of avant-garde forms of thought resulted in revolutions by the oppressed. 

Women’s matriarchal role increased in society during times of war.

When a country is struggling economically, people look to a new leader and cry for a new government; however the political change in power can ultimately leaves the country in a worse economic and social state.

The stability of the nation during struggle hinges upon the flexibility of women to fill new roles in society.

Anti-war movements used violence in word and action to achieve peace.

When feminist movements make progress it is often accompanied by backlash where women are ridiculed.