Syllabus Spring 2012

Week   Monday Monday to Wednesday Wednesday - Sunday by Sunday night

For hybrid students:
SEC Room 601 11-12:20

(topics TBA - online students welcome to attend but not required)

Read and hear
Lecture & Documents:

There is no textbook, so background reading is recommended

Then collect and compose historical theses in Moodle

Primary source due Wed midnight, thesis post due Sunday night

Take the multiple-choice lecture/reading quizzes, essay exams, and assessments in Moodle

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Before class starts: Self-enroll in Moodle by using enrollment code number that matches the section you're in: 1605 for the hybrid section, or 1606 for the fully online section. See this tutorial for how to do that.

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The Study Questions Guide [rtf] contains all the questions for all the quizzes.

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1 M 1/23

Welcome and hello

Release forms for anyone attending at San Elijo (so I can record or broadcast class sessions for students at home)

Lecture: The Story So Far

Our Learning Scheme -- Being a Historian

Start here at the Tavern

(This forum is for everyone in both hybrid and online)

2 M 1/30

Discussion: Europe before 1648

Intro: 17th century

Background overview: 17th century and timeline

Lecture: 17th century Politics and Culture
(workbook documents are linked from inside the lecture)

Post sources and writing

The primary source post is always due Wednesday midnight, thesis post (response to Lisa's " *Take discussion from here") is always due Sunday night.

(Starting this week, the forums are separate)

  • Quiz 1 due 5 pm Sunday 2/5
    (quizzes are 25-35 multiple choice questions from lectures and documents, with one attempt allowed -- they are not timed but if you take too long your ISP may time you out)
3 M 2/6

Discussion Thesis: The power struggles of the 17th century were all about sovereignty.

Slideshow: 17th c art

Intro: Science and Sentiment

Background overview: Science and Enlightenment

Lecture: Science and Sentiment (The Enlightenment)

Post sources and writing
4 M 2/13




Discussion: Science and Sentiment
Intro: 18th c. Economy and Society
discuss essay exam

Background reading: 18th century summary and Wealth of Nations

Lecture: 18th century Economy and Society

Post sources and writing
  • Quiz 3 due 5 pm Sunday 2/19
  • Essay Exam #1 opens 2/19
5 T 2/21

(no San Elijo class Monday - holiday)


Background overview: French Revolution

Lecture: Political Revolutions

Post sources and writing
  • Quiz 4 due 5 pm Sunday 2/26
  • Essay Exam #1 due Monday 5 pm Monday 2/27
  • See good sample essays from this exam here
6 M 2/27

Discussion: French Revolution

Intro: Industrialization

Background overview: Industrial Revolution

Lecture: Industrialization

Post sources and writing
7 M 3/5

Discussion: Industrialization

Intro: Socialism and Romanticism

Lecture: Socialist and Romantic Response

Post sources and writing
8 M 3/12

Discussion: Socialist and Romantic Response

Intro: 19th c Society

Background reading: Victorian morality

Lecture: Nineteenth-Century Society

Post sources and writing

    Spring Break
9 M 3/26

Discussion: Victorian society

Intro: Modern Nationalism

Background overview: Nationalism definition and Imperialism

Lecture: Origins of Modern Nationalism

Post sources and writing
  • Quiz 8 due Sunday 5 pm 4/1
  • Essay exam #2 opens 4/1
10 M 4/2

Discussion: Nationalism

Intro: WWI and Russian Revolution

Background overview: World War I and Russian Revolution

Lecture: Great War and Russian Revolution

Post sources and writing
11 M 4/9

Discussion: Great War and Russian Revolution

Intro: 1920s and 30s

Background reading: Modernist literature

Lecture: Twenties and Thirties

Review Our Learning Scheme: Being a Historian

Theme Tutorial and Self-Quiz

Post sources and writing
12 M 4/16

Discussion: 1920s and 1930s


Intro: WWII

Background overview: World War II

Lecture: World War II

Historical Theme Tutorial

Post sources and writing
(Topic choice due for final exam essay)
13 M 4/23

Discussion: WWII

Intro: Cold War

Background overview: Cold War

Cold War

Post sources and writing
(Topic revision and source approach due for final exam essay)
14 M 4/30

Discussion: Cold War

Intro: Social Revolution

Additional reading: Western culture

Social Revolution

Post sources and writing
(rough draft due for final exam essay)

Extra credit/Quiz makeup May 6-11 only: you may email Lisa for a password for one quiz you missed. You must include the class name (History 104) and quiz number in your request, and email again when finished. If you have no missed quizzes, email Lisa for the password to the Quiz Question Roulette for extra credit. This option is only available to students who never missed a quiz, so let me know that's your case in your email.

15 M 5/7

Discussion: Social Revolution

Intro: Contemporary West

Background overview: 1980 to the present

Contemporary West

Post sources and writing
(expanded rough draft due for final exam essay)
16 M 5/14

Discussion: Contemporary West

Final exam prep

  Post sources and writing
(revised draft due for final exam essay)
F W 5/23 No Monday (other classes have finals)
10:30-12:30 Final exam option at San Elijo - email me if you want to take the final on campus