Crafts people

Curriculum Vita
Wherein I have my experience, employment history, and all the other things you'd expect on a c.v., plus links to many of my presentation and articles.

Lecture Collection and Digital Repository
Wherein I post my multimedia history lectures and presentations about online teaching

List of Screencasts
Wherein I post links to the screencasts I've done about teaching online

Wherin I post video mashups I've made from classes I've taken

Lisa's Online Teaching Blog
Wherein I post information and musings about online teaching

LisaHistory Blog
Wherein I post musings and connections about history -- occasionally

LisaHistory Tumblr
Wherein I store quotations, videos, and slideshows for reference

LisaHistory Connected
Another Tumblr, wherein I experiment with images and post for Connected Courses

Diigo Bookmarks
Wherein I save my bookmarks

Blogs for CCK08 | EC&I831 | DS106
Wherein I did tons of work

Wherein I have a profile and a POT group

My MiraCosta College Home Page
Wherein I direct students to their classes and post some of their comments

Program for Online Teaching
Wherein I direct a professional development program for online instructors

Pedagogy First! and Pedagogy First! 2012
Wherein our POT Certificate Class resides

Wherein I try to remember to post what I am reading

Other stuff:

Survey: Blackboard (MCC 2007)
Survey: WebCT (City College 2007)
FAQ for Moodle classes (ongoing)
Art collection
Should you teach online? (a quick survey)
Research sources (Fall 2008)
Miramar Presentation (2007)
Moodle notes (ongoing)
Moodle warnings
Apps I like: VisualHub

Last updated 8 October 2012